EvoSign is FormEvo’s electronic eSignature solution which benefits from lessons learned during the pandemic and our legal nuance knowledge. This service provides all the functionality you need in relation to the use and signing of legal forms.


Set up in minutes

Simply add your clients’ details to the contact database and you are ready to go!

Add multiple signatories

Should the form require more than one signatory you can easily set this up in EvoSign with full visibility of the signing process status available to you at any time.

One Affordable Charge Per Envelope

You can supply up to 10 documents per envelope to eSign for one single disbursement-based fee.

Full Audit Trail

All signed documents have an automatic audit trail associated with them but you can manage how this is used within your legal process. Should you be sharing a signed form with the other side and ‘not’ wish to reveal your clients audit trail – this can be done easily by using the ‘image only’ option of the signed forms.

Advanced Level eSignature

Users benefit from FormEvo’s advanced level eSignature which uses 2 factor authentication. Users are sent a easy to use code to their mobile which they enter prior to having access to the form to be signed. The law firms name is part of the SMS message and thus ‘re assurance’ of validity of message is given to your client.

Benefit from FormEvo’s Legal Nuance Functionality

Unlike the American based eSignature providers, we are specialists in the use of UK based legal forms. This means we are able to identify some very niche requirements of the legal form’s user. Our eSignature functionality is applied on a form-by-form basis. A good example of this is providing users of the Matrimonial FormE the ability to separate the audit trail from the signed form avoiding having to supply this to the other sides solicitors.

Use Evo-Sign as a stand-alone process or within FormEvo’s EvoVault service

FormEvo’s EvoVault service (which is for securely sharing and editing forms) includes the ability to eSign any relevant forms after completion by your client. Your clients can review edit and then eSign their forms quickly and simply. No need to follow common but dangerous practice of emailing forms holding personal data within. Simply share the form via a 2FA secured link to your client and they can eSign from any device, anywhere in their own time either on their own or as part of group of signatories.

Archiving of legal forms

All attempts at eSigning whether successful or rejected are audited and retained as evidence. All signed forms can be downloaded securely as a PDF for storing within your digital ecosystem.

Signed documents can have a firm centric data retention control applied to them. For example, if you wish EvoSign to retain original signed copies for say 2 years and then auto delete that content, for GDPR purposes of only retaining client’s personal data for as long as you justifiably need to keep it, then let EvoShred manage your data retention policy per work type department. Tax forms perhaps you want to keep for 7 years, Property based forms for 3 years and so on.

Full transparency to Administrators of who did what when how and why is available.

Qualified Electronic Signatures – no witness required

The pandemic has illustrated to us all the challenges of being ‘document distanced’ not being in the centrally located ‘office’ and hence the pressure of Witnessing forms and documents is significant for Legal administration.

HMLR now accept QES and level 3 signature. This is the taste of things to come. Many other .Gov agencies are observing with interest how HM Land Registry critique and validate how QES can work and be relied upon. This is whole adoption and acceptance has been fuel injected as a result of the pandemic, and it’s now technically achievable. There’s no going back now. 2022 will see the settling into Legal culture the acceptance of no need for a witness of TR1 forms, Wills, Lasting Power of Attorneys for example. EvoSign is building towards enabling the use of QES. Please ask for further details.

Call us on 0330 551 9341 for further details or sign up now.

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