Why you should choose FormEvo

We are a team of legal forms specialists. That’s all we do and this means we focus on new forms innovation only and we can partner with many of the key providers of case and document management software

  • Over 50 years’ experience in legal forms solutions across the team
  • As an independent company we have many integration partners
  • We aim to future proof your legal forms requirements by purely focusing on legal forms


FormEvo is scalable and so suitable for sole practitioners through to our Top 100 and Global clients. You can add or remove users at the touch of a button and this is reflected in the price you pay the following month.


We pride ourselves on our consistent pricing model that allows you to control how many users you have and you can change this whenever you so wish at the touch of a button. We’ll show you which forms you use and who is using them so you can be sure value for money is in your control.

e-Submission expertise

FormEvo is provided by the same team who created SDLT.co.uk over fifteen years ago and now has over 5 million successful submissions. Using FormEvo allows you to take advantage of automated population of data from one submission to another. FormEvo also takes the hassle out of having to know how to use different government portals. This consistent user experience will only grow in importance as more forms migrate to digital submission.

Independent solutions

Tailored to fit your needs through collaboration

Other providers are restricted in who they can integrate with as they are competitors to other case management providers. FormEvo is an independent company with close associations with many legal technology solutions.

We focus on new forms initiatives with no restrictions from other application priorities or the demands of investors.

What some of our existing users say about us

"FormEvo have developed an enormously innovative built-for-the-cloud product that enables our teams to work, as normal, wherever they are working from. It integrates perfectly with our other main legal software product, making life easier and quicker for our users. Not only is using the product a delight compared to our previous on-server product, but it has cemented its place on our list of essential tools as the FormEvo team continues to make regular refinements and iterative improvements to the core forms product (both in response to changes in the legal landscape and also following input from users) as well as bringing other complementary services to the product range."
Daryl Griffiths, Chief Executive
Burnett Barker Solicitors Limited
"When we started using case management, SDLT.co.uk were recommended to us. The transition to use their facility was painless and we have found the system to be extremely efficient, easy to use, as it mirrors the SDLT returns. It certainly saves a lot of time and is competitively priced. We would certainly recommend it to other users"
Louise Wilson, Systems Administrator,
Woodford Stauffer Solicitors
"We have in the past had difficulties with Companies House, due to their delay in dealing with paper submissions. MR01.co.uk's online submissions make it all very simple, and your assistance was invaluable."
Braikenridge & Edwards Solicitors

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