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New Companies House mortgage/charge forms

5th April 2013

Companies House has created a new set of Mortgage/Charge forms to replace the older “MG” numbered forms. These new “MR” forms will cater for registration of charges against the property of a company in England and Wales and will also apply to Scotland as well.

These new legal forms MR01, MR02, MR03, MR04, MR05, MR06, MR07 MR08, MR09 and MR10 must be used to register charges created on or after 6th April 2013.

Companies House has also introduced replacement forms for forms LQ01 and LQ02 which will be replaced by new forms RM01 and RM02, both of which should be used from 6th April 2013.

These new "MR" and "RM" forms are available in FormEvo now. 

Our versions of the main "MR" forms include optional continuation pages which can be copied as necessary; we have included separate continuation page forms if required.

Note that we have retained the existing Companies House MG Mortgage forms which should only be used for charges created before 6th April 2013. (We will withdraw the "MG" forms after a period of time to prevent accidental use)

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