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Legal Aid – Civil Claim form changes

29th October 2015

The following Legal Aid Agency Civil Claim forms have been amended following recent Legal Aid regulations.  The new versions of these forms become mandatory from 1 November, however use of these new versions prior to that date is acceptable.  New versions are now available in FormEvo of the following forms:-

  • CIVCLAIM1 - Claim for assessment of costs or payment of costs following detailed assessment in civil cases (Including civil application arising out of criminal proceedings)
  • CIVCLAIM1A - Claim for costs in fixed fee family cases
  • CIVCLAIM1 - Report in civil cases - costs met in part or in full by other party

Other Legal Aid Agency forms are also changing with effect from 1 November and are for use from 1 November and not before. Forms will be made available nearer to the due date to prevent accidental usage and possible rejection. The next range of Legal Aid forms to be updated are:-

  • CIVAPP1 - Application for Civil Legal Aid certificate, Legal Representation Non-family Proceedings
  • CIVAPP3 - Application for Funding in Family Proceedings, Family Help (Higher) and Legal Representation in Family Proceedings
  • CIVAPP6 - Emergency Application
  • CIVAPP8 - Application for amendment or prior authority in civil cases
  • CW3A(Imm) - Application for extension of the Upper Costs Limit




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