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Insolvency: New administration forms for notices to Companies House - April 2017

23rd January 2017

Companies House is preparing a revised set of administration forms which will replace the current Companies House administration forms once the Insolvency (England & Wales) Rules 2016 come into force on 6 April 2017.

These new administration forms do not seek to replace the insolvency forms being abolished by the Insolvency (England & Wales) Rules 2016. Instead, they revise existing prescribed Companies House forms to reflect the new rule numbering and other changes that the new 2016 Insolvency Rules require.  The revised set are renumbered to include a new prefix of the area the form relates. E.g. Administration forms now start with AM, Liquidation forms LIQ, Voluntary Arrangement Moratorium VAM and so on. This follows Company House’s current naming format for all their Companies Act 2006 forms.

Here are the new form numbers for the revised set of Administration forms showing the current forms that they will replace from 6 April 2017:-

These new administration forms will be made available to all FormEvo subscribers in time for use from 6 April 2017. Examples of these forms are available to view (Click on the forms with weblinks)

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