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Court of Protection – Forms and Guidance notes

26th October 2015

Following the Court of Protection recent updates to their forms, they have now carried out updates to their guidance documents. New guidance notes are now available in the FormEvo Court of Protection range.

New Court of Protection guidance notes added are:-

  • COP5A – Guidance notes on completing form COP5 - Acknowledgment of service/notification
  • COP14A – Guidance notes on completing form COP14 - Proceedings about you in the Court of Protection
  • COP15A - Guidance notes on completing form COP15 - Notice that an application form has been issued
  • COP21A - Guidance notes on completing form COP20A - Certificate of notification/non-notification of the person to whom the proceedings relate
  • COP21B - Guidance notes on completing form COP20B - Certificate of service/non-service notification/non-notification
  • COP GN1 – Applications for the appointment of a deputy for property and financial affairs
  • COP GN2 – Guidance on the sale of jointly owned property
  • COP GN3 – Guidance Note - Applications by existing deputies
  • COP GN4 – Making a personal welfare application to the Court of Protection
  • COP GN5 – Coming for a Hearing at the Court of Protection in London or at one of our regional courts
  • COP GN8 - Applications for Statutory Wills, Gifts, Settlements and other deadlines with P’s property

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