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11 minute outage - mid morning 2nd Dec 2020

2nd December 2020

Notice - today FormEvo and suffered a short outage in 'access' terms, due to a condition in Frankfurt, that had a side effect in London, that affected our Server Providers access to the internet, causing a knock-on lack of access to our users of SDLT and The internet basically had a network error, and that affected access. 
The issue arose at 11:11 hrs we were aware of it by 11:12hrs, investigating by 11:15hrs and resolved by 11:26 hrs.
The outage was longer that it should have been and the circumstance which was outside of anyone's control, has meant that we have revised a small section of how we handle 'Roll-Over' if one part of the internet fails. 

Apologies to anyone to whom this has caused an inconvenience. We shall be building in further redundancy measures should this scenario occur again and thus handle it with less downtime than 11 minutes and get that down to 3 minutes.

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