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Form Description  
EX160 Application for help with fees
EX160A Guide - How to apply for help with fees
EX160B Undertaking to apply for remission of a court fee or tribunal fee, or to pay a court fee or tribunal fee - Emergency applications only
N2 Claim form (probate claim)
N2A Notes for claimant on completing a claim form (Probate claim)
N2B Notes for the defendant (Probate claim)
N3 Acknowledgment of service (probate claim)
N205D Notice of issue (probate claim)
PA1A Probate Application - Where the person who has died did not leave a will that deals with assets in England and Wales
PA1P Probate Application - Where the person who has died left a will
PA1S Postal search of the Probate records of England and Wales
PA2 How to obtain probate - guidance for people acting without a Solicitor or Probate practitioner
PA3 Probate Fees
PA4 Directory of Probate Registries and appointment venues
PA7 How to deposit a will with the Probate Service - A guide for people who want to deposit a will for safekeeping
PA7A Application form to withdraw a will and/or codicil from safe keeping
PA8 How to enter a caveat - A guide for people who want to challenge an application for grant on an estate
PA8A Application to stop, or extend a stop on a grant of representation
PR50 Client questionnaire for making a will.
PR51 Personal Assets Log
PR52 Questionnaire For Personal Representative Clients
PR53 Death Certificate Verification Form
Probate 33 Caveat (Form 3)
Probate 34 Warning to Caveator (Form 4)
Probate 35 Appearance to warning (Form 5)
Probate 37 Appearance to citation (Form 5)
Probate TA1 Particulars of advertisement for London Gazette (pursuant to section 27 of the Trustee Act 1925)

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